Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shamaeel Ansari - Vintage Couture and Bridals

I am not very easily impressed with "Desi Couture" because most of the time they all look the same to me. So when my eyes pop with excitement and I drool a little after seeing a bridal couture piece(s) that means they have made an impact! Shamaeel Ansari is an icon in the Pakistan Fashion Industry and nothing short of brilliance is expected from her....and she delivers every time.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche Les Blanc - Lemon Meringue

Pastels are the new Black....Oh well not really but they sure did rock the SS14 runway this year. Inspired by that L'Oreal Paris came out with their Les Blanc Collection which reminds me of yummy macaroons. The shade I got is supposed to be inspired by the 90s Minimalist. Me? A minimalist, not really, but that doesn't mean my nail cant be! Let's see if that's true ;)

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

From Fat to Fabulous - An Oat meal recipe to die for

2nd Post of Fat to Fabulous:

A week is a bit too ambitious to actually see any major changes. It was slow and I did cheat a tiny bit (human error) but still managed to lose 1.5 KGs. I was not following a very strict workout routine as a friend is getting married and we do dance practices every evening (managed to still burn calories) and I am also in the process of shifting places so getting the working routine on track will be more of a September thing.

However there is a recipe which I will share which will make it easy for you to eat healthy (believe me a lot of people can handle a no Junk diet!)

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Understanding Anti Aging - Facts, Myths and Products

Its funny. Nowadays I feel that even teenagers have started using anti aging products without even knowing if they really need it....that happens when common sense gets deluded. We worry too soon, that's human nature. FYI worrying causes stress lines and wrinkles earlier so let's just stop worrying all together :p

There are MANY anti aging products out there, some don't even come close to your bank account and others are so cheap you question them. Let's not get too much into the best products but more about what is the write way of taking care of your skin and when to start using anti aging products and regime.