Tuesday, September 30, 2014

L'Oreal Hair Spa Day

After a looooong days work I headed over to Nadia Hussain Salon. I got an invite for trying a L'Oreal hair treatment but it took some courage to actually get up and go as I had a little fever, however it was a good decision because what followed was Bliss!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

HOBO by Hub - Urban Chic with a Zing

A true Fashionista can never say NO to more bags and shoes (or anything that is a Fashion Need). I may wish for a Fendi, Chloe or Salvatore Ferragamo (LV is too overrated for me) but a sweet enough deal is when you get Tres Chic accessories locally available for uber reasonable, jaw dropping price range. I really appreciate local brands with great designs and good quality, something I can spend on without selling my car (or myself). I am sure you get the idea :p

HUB, a local brand known in Pakistan for it's high quality leather products, has recently extended into a sub-brand by the name of HOBO. How delightful is HOBO? Very!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Fat to Fabulous - The Serious Kick

Yea...I know I have not been posting much and needed to KICK myself (metaphorically) to get back on track. It's natural to begin a long term goal without a rusty start. One needs to keep motivating and encouraging themselves to make their will power stronger. The slacking, however, not because I didn't want to diet or loose weight. I was just too caught up with the new place, unpacking and some work. However I realized things will never be easy and I have to "Take Out Time" to follow a routine so I am pushing my self harder, for myself and you all.

The GOOD NEWS: I got my Body Analysis done by Wasif (trainer at BBRC) and know exactly what needs to be done :) I have to loose 1 to 2 lbs per week which is the healthy weight loss way. I am also going to Start the BBRC (Body Beat Recreational Center) Zumba classes from 1st October so looking forward to that (will share my BBRC Zumba experience with you guys as well) Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Magnum - Pure Gold for Pleasure Seekers

Who knew that a mere Choc bar will become so glamorous? Now I am not a chocolate addict or have a crazy sweet tooth but no one can pass a Magnum!

The Magnum brand is considered a premium sensual chocolate indulgence made with Belgian Chocolate, so sensuality is always the key element. Keeping that in mind, delicious delicacies, Magnum definitely indulged as one, are often associated with celebrities, specially beautiful ones. Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Kareena Kapoor, Rachel Bilson and many others have endorsed in this brand. 

Highlighting the sensual pleasure further Magnum launched their "Make my Magnum" pop-up stores in 2013 and the Choc bar was suddenly crowned as the next best thing in the world of desserts as well as ice creams. Luckily, for us Pleasure seekers, the most recent store popped up in Karachi, Pakistan...Sheer Indulgence is now accessible!