Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Palmer's No Blade - Facial Hair Remover

Even though I got this product quite sometimes back I was a bit hesitant to use it. I was very excited when I bought it though because I have been looking for something like this.

Face has always been the most sensitive issues for me. I am very particular when I buy or use anything on my face ( I am sure most of you are).
The overall packaging is very clean and instructions are well written. you also get the right message across with no cluttered text and visuals (we that happen a lot and it confuses consumers!).

The box comes with a bottle with Liquid hair lotion and a spatula for removing it after application. When you open the bottle the top has a brush attached to it for easy application.

The Product Claims:
  • It's Tough on Hair, Not on Skin
  • The latest product in this range dissolves away any unwanted facial hair within 4 minutes and provides long lasting results. Fortified with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.

Directions for use:
Wet area thoroughly where hair reeds to be removed. Apply evenly with brush over hair, covering completely. Do not rub in. Leave on for 4 minutes (maximum 5 minutes). Remove with spatula or washcloth. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry.

Well even though the Directions say 4 to 5 minutes I kept it on for 10 mins and it was fine but I suggest everyone do a test strip. different skins, different results.

I first tested it by applying just a little on my upper lips and it went well so I tried it on the rest of my face. I was very satisfied with the product as the thing I feared the most didn't happen. No rash, No burning, No left behind hair. My skin felt soft and clean. (No pics cause don't want to gross anyone out, specially me! lols)

The ONLY drawback is that hair grows back faster than when you wax. Otherwise its an ideal backup plan for busy ladies like me and so many others. This should definitely be a travel companion.

I give this product a thumbs up. You can get it from Just4girls for Rs.520/-


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    The product sounds pretty good, and I'm glad that you didn't suffer any rashes or burning, but I wonder if the hair grows back thicker? :) x

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    2. Hair is growing back faster than it does after waxing but not thicker

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  7. Following up on Jadirah's comment, do tell if the hair grows back thicker??

    1. Well So far it hasnt grown thicker BUT it has grown faster than expected. So this is definitely just a Backup for Emergencies and traveling...not as good as waxing for longer hair riddance.

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    Would you recommend this product or not?

    1. Yes as an emergency backup but it doesnt 100% beat waxing :)

  19. i want this for my daughter and i have followed all ur instructions


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