Day and Night Nails - Essence

by - 8:51 PM

I have recently fallen in love with Essence Color and Go Nail polish in 'Chic Reloaded'

Its quite a different shade or should I say mix of shades. It's perfect for a day to night wear because it has hues of purple, teal, pink, green, a new color in every glimpse. So can go with almost every outfit. A monochromatic delight, like a peacock :)

The new bottle makeover is really cute. Round and curvy compared to the simple cylindrical one like before. I am totally in love with the flat, round-edged applicator brush. It made applying nail polish so easy I almost didn't mess up :p

The formula is good as well, intense color and one coat was good to go. A top coat is advised because it chips a little faster than expected but nothing to worry about too much.
I got from for Rs.270/- I am tempted to order some more! Eeeek! <3

Red Alice

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  1. Amazing post!

    Please watch this(like and subscribe)

  2. Liindo seu cantinho floor. Ameeei. Muito sucesso.

  3. it is pretty:)Hope u r well now :)

  4. I really like this shade! Its so hard to capture its true beauty!

    1. I KNOW! I tried to take so many pics but the way it looks in real life is just almost impossible to capture! such a Magical shade!

  5. it is a different color :) i am your new follower can you follow me back as favor ?

    1. Hey there! thanks for the follow :) Following you BAck!

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    1. Irfan please dont spam :) U can keep your blog link but no direct Advertising on the blog its a little disrespectful :) Thanks you

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