L'Oreal Color Riche Les Blanc - Lemon Meringue

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Pastels are the new Black....Oh well not really but they sure did rock the SS14 runway this year. Inspired by that L'Oreal Paris came out with their Les Blanc Collection which reminds me of yummy macaroons. The shade I got is supposed to be inspired by the 90s Minimalist. Me? A minimalist, not really, but that doesn't mean my nail cant be! Let's see if that's true ;)

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"Porcelain shades based on the pastel trend for this Spring/Summer. Consisting of some on trend shades, Les Blancs is our new fashion statement for your nails."

L'Oreal, Loreal, Color riche Les Blanc Lemon Meringue 850, Nail Polish, Beauty Blog, Beauty, Pastel Nails, red alice rao, redalicerao, SS14 nail trends, Catwalk nail trends


This was the FIRST time I tried to flaunt white-ish nails and they were appreciated in their own way.

- Shade Lemon Mirengue 850
- Color Riche formula has gotten better and thicker
- No Chipping for at least three days... Wow (keep in mind if you eat with your hands only then the chipping fact doesn't apply to you!)
- Full coverage in two coats 
- Looks better with shorter nails
- Smells nice (and nail colors rarely do)
- Slightly on the pricier side (oh well)
- Shade looks a little different on every skin shade as well as Light

L'Oreal, Loreal, Color riche Les Blanc Lemon Meringue 850, Nail Polish, Beauty Blog, Beauty, Pastel Nails, red alice rao, redalicerao, SS14 nail trends, Catwalk nail trends
The Lemon Meringue shade (as name suggests) is white with a tint of yellow. Its not your usual color but looks nice with black and/or other pastel shades. 

Not something I would wear on daily basis but can be worn as per occasion.

In most Makeup Stores where L'Oreal is available all across Pakistan as well as online on Just4girls.pk for Rs.699

I have used Color Riche Nail polish before and the product has definitely improved. If you are into pastels and don't mind the price you should give it a go.

Red Alice

DISCLOSURE: Samples are provided for consideration purposes by the brand or PR company. Reviews are always honest and never paid for unless specified as Sponsored.

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