Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Fat to Fabulous - The Serious Kick

Yea...I know I have not been posting much and needed to KICK myself (metaphorically) to get back on track. It's natural to begin a long term goal without a rusty start. One needs to keep motivating and encouraging themselves to make their will power stronger. The slacking, however, not because I didn't want to diet or loose weight. I was just too caught up with the new place, unpacking and some work. However I realized things will never be easy and I have to "Take Out Time" to follow a routine so I am pushing my self harder, for myself and you all.

The GOOD NEWS: I got my Body Analysis done by Wasif (trainer at BBRC) and know exactly what needs to be done :) I have to loose 1 to 2 lbs per week which is the healthy weight loss way. I am also going to Start the BBRC (Body Beat Recreational Center) Zumba classes from 1st October so looking forward to that (will share my BBRC Zumba experience with you guys as well) Woohoo!

So according to many as well as Wasif if we break down our meal into 6 portions throughout the day it will help loose weight more while keeping the body nourished. Well I dont believe in that but let me be clear about one thing (or 6) that eating 6 meals doesn't meal 6 WHOLE meals. 3 out of 6 can be snacks like nuts, fruits etc.

"Increased eating frequency has been claimed to speed metabolism, control hunger, and reduce body weight, making it an enticing dietary strategy for weight loss. The belief that eating numerous small meals throughout the day is superior and necessary for ones metabolism to be operating efficiently is perhaps the longest-standing myth in regard to fat loss."

Well the only thing I find useful in eating 6 meals is it does “help decrease hunger and improve appetite control.”
HOW MUCH you eat in total is more important than HOW OFTEN you eat in a day, So Calorie Counting works better. I am supposed to eat less than my expected calories for the day to burn fat and loose weight. For example if I am suppose to consume 1500 calories than I will eat between 1000 to 1200. Calorie intake is dependent on every individual according to lifestyle and body type but you can an idea HERE.

Starting Tomorrow my Daily Diet is going to more planned and I am sharing the initially basic breakdown per day with you guys too.  This breakdown will be followed for atleast a moth and I will make minor changes to ensure that I dont get bored...PLUS a calculation of daily calorie intake will need to be Max 1200 for a few months.

Early Morning after waking up: A big cold glass of water followed by one medium fruit of choice

Breakfast: 1 small Bowl Oatmeal OR Granola Bar with Tea OR two egg White (omelette or boiled) with a slice of wheat bread

Mid Day Snack (optional): A glass of juice OR a fruit OR Nuts (chaney)

Lunch: Healthy Salad of any kind (as long as its not heavily dressed)

Mid Evening Snack: A glass of juice OR a fruit OR Nuts (chaney)

Dinner: A portion of Lean Protein like fish or chicken with some steamed vegetables

Ask me any questions you want and I will be welcome to answer them.So let's get Kicking shall we :)

Red Alice


  1. how much have you lost Maliha ? I am on a weight loss journey too but as you said had a really rusty start regarding working out !

    1. This month was rusty so about 2 kgs :/ but gotten on a stricter more serious routine! *fingers crossed*

  2. omg! This looks really good, eat to lose weight! Let us all know how the Zunba classes go!

    Good luck!

  3. i must try out that clean meal
    keep in touch

    1. Its not as bad as some people think...Quite healthy, filling and full of choices :D

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