Sunday, October 26, 2014

From Fat to Fabulous - No Pain, No Gain - Build Some Muscles

I haven't posted a Fat to Fabulous blog because I wanted to first gather "solid" data and experience in the past two weeks and I did! :D This Month was finally on track! I learnt more, did more, and lost and gained more. Gained? how is that good? I finally figured out what Good weight gain is! Say hello to your New best friend MUSCLES!
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I was in the dark before I joined BBRC (Body Beat Recreational Center) and was guided by their brilliant Instructors and trainers. I had lost weight in the past and know a lot about healthy diets, basic stuff BUT healthy body through the right workout routine and its importance was brought to light when I joined my Zumba class.

Today I will share how I was wrong about Muscles being for wrestlers or pro athletes and how I thought they made you look bulky...I repeat...I was SO WRONG!

For the initial two week I was literally working my ass off and eating healthy and being a good girl but was not loosing weight. Yes yes I shouldnt be too ambitious too soon but I needed to see SOME difference. I did feel healthier and also Happier but was worried so went and spoke to Dosti, the zumba Genius. She laughed and said "get rid of your weighing machine" I looked at her funny...Eh?

Well Ladies (and Gents) here is what I discovered. I was losing Fat BUT I was also gaining muscles...Yaay? Yes yaay indeed because when I got to the root of it all the misunderstanding about Muscles making you look "Bulky" and what not just faded away. Here is why:

fitness, Fat to Fabulous, Fitness blog, Fitness motivation, Muscles are good, Importance of muscles, Muscle building, Fitness routine, Health, Better Body, Stronger body, red alice rao, redalicerao
1. As you can see on the left the difference between Muscles weight and size. I may not be losing in weight as much as I am losing in inches (size) so THANK GOD

2. Building muscles made me realize how much I needed them. No matter what size you are if you dont have strong muscles you are weak. I realized How Weak I was but now experiencing the change to a stronger me :) I was not able to do squats of Plank for more than 10 sec before feling pain and now I can hold it better and feel good about it!

3. Strong muscles also help to keep your joints in good shape. If the muscles around your knee, for example, get weak, you may be more likely to injure that knee. Strong muscles also help you keep your balance, so you are less likely to slip or fall.

4. Your metabolic system gets a kick start. Build muscles and burn more calories throughout the day.

5. A study from Tufts University found the more muscle you have the better your chances of a longer life. 

6. Skeletal muscle gives you shape, "tone,” and that “fit” look. Build muscle - lose fat - look great.You’ll have more self-confidence.

7. Your HEART is comprised of mostly of Muscles. Should I say more? More muscles - Stronger Heart - WORK It!

8. My Backache, that has been bothering me for MONTHS, got 70% better and I am sure will go away completely due to my body getting stronger every day.

9. When you have healthy muscles you actually burn fat even Post awesome is THAT!

Healthy muscles let you move freely and keep your body strong, there is No Doubt about that as I am experiencing is right now and FEELING FABULOUS!

So get your Lazy ass off that couch and get pumping! you can even check out some cool videos on PopSugar that I discovered thanks to Dosti again:p

Anything Else you want ask or know do tell me! Till Next time *Flying Kiss* Let's get FABULOUS!

Red Alice


  1. i need to start working out to more of mussle
    Happy sunday

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