Friday, February 20, 2015

UNPLUGGED with Komal Rizvi

I didnt have a Valentine or went for a dinner for two. I am happily single (at the moment) and  did something better on Valentine's Day. Other than the usual work excitement (I work for a GIFTING Portal) the day ended well with a night out at Cafe Flo, swinging to the rhythm of Komal Rizvi's new music video ‘Beh Gaya’ along with great company.

UNPLUGGED is a series of an exclusive, invites only, event hosted at the very best venues of the city. The entertaining concept was instigated by BODY BEAT and they have kept it going quite well.

The recent UNPLUGGED was also a surprise launch of Komal Rizvi's New song and Music video "Beh Gaya".

The song is great for easy listening and I must confess that Komal's voice is maturing day by day. She sang beautifully not just in the video but LIVE as well. I was honestly thinking of sticking for a bit and leaving but her voice kept me glued to my seat.

I simply loved it, every song she sang (and it was a nice selection) was a pleasant earful.

The video was subtle yet surreal. The concept of the song (and video) was about lost love and how to overcome the void it leaves behind. The juxtaposition of a majestic horse running in the fields with the lovers meeting and then separating was synced indirectly with the emotions one goes through in this phase of letting go. Call it freedom, or breath of fresh air, sweet pain, whatever the mind can conjure.

The styling and wardrobe of the video was done by the legendary Maheen Khan, makeup by the sweet Beenish Pervaiz and directed by the young, talented Azaan Sami Khan (Yes he is the son of Adnan Sami Khan, you 'wondered' right!).

The event was, well, quite eventful with buzzing celebrities and chirpy socialites, swinging to the music, chatting with joy, the night was full of fun and laughter.

Valentine's Day ended well for me, heck let's say the week ended well! I went home happy, humming to the songs that Komal sang.

P.s: I adored Hasan Rizvi's rich blue suit. He nailed it with swagger!

Do watch the video or listen to the song! would love to hear what you think. Muah!

Red Alice


  1. It looks like you had a fun day. I was snowed in for Valentine's Day.

    1. Ooooh but I love snow! never seen it in my life! Sigh!

  2. Looks amazing, I didn't do a lot on Valentines Day though did skype my boyfriend which was nice! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Anything, big or small, is a good thing to do on Valentine's :)

  3. I Wish you have thousands of grand valentines day always :)


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