Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ELMORE Beauty - First Impression

I am going through a bit of a SKINCARE obsession these days so constantly on the look out for new brands. One of the brands I discovered recently is ELMORE which pleasantly surprised me. It is always tricky trying out skincare brands because you never know what you are getting into, but I didn't mind getting my hands dirty (metaphorically of course) with this product. Let me tell you why.

ELMORE is not a local brand. It is actually an international skincare brand which has been there since 1988 under the trademark of “ELMORE”, Evan & Mayer Inc. USA. The brand has been developing and marketing a growing range of quality skincare products ever since.The skincare brand is quite active in the Middle East & North Africa, with presence in multiple other countries of the world.

Do note that even though these are made in USA they undergo a lot of research and development without animal testing and is also certified as Halal Product. Other than eco-friendly practices, they also strive to employ bio-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients, focusing on the benefits and goodness that natural ingredients offer.

When I first saw these I was a little hesitant like anyone naturally is with new products. The packaging is very basic so I was not sure initially but looking at the reasonable pricing I gave it a go. However, further research and testing of the products lead to more use and happiness because ELMORE is a great example of "never judge a book by it's cover". Even though it has simple, yet clean, looking packaging, it is definitely a quality product that is worth buying.

Another great thing about this brand is that is easily available in all top stores in Pakistan and is really pocket-friendly. The price value for content is amazing, starting from just PKR.35/- for 15ml creams! THAT is seriously great!

I will be reviewing the products in more detail in future posts, but overall they are good. They are hydrating and moisturizing, have different variants depending on your skin type, need, as well as season.

Go check out this ELMORE beauty brand and stay tuned for some great reviews coming up soon!

DISCLOSURE: This is a Sponsored Post. However, all my reviews are honest and I only write about products / brands that I personally believe are good becuase I am true to my readers


  1. never heard about this brand before but it seems promoising :) Thanks for sharing

    1. That i because it is relatively new. Launched this year :)

  2. This is probably a new brand to me. Thank you for introducing them. Would try them out. Hope they are easily available as you said.

    Kanwal Ikram's Blog

    1. They are new but good Kanwal do try them out :)

  3. Its new to me but I would love to try some of the products from this brand, thanks for sharing:)

  4. Look nice :)
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    Maria V.

  5. Yay new brand and for winter perfect coz I have super dry skin! It's affordable too thanks for sharing Maliha! <3


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