Thursday, August 25, 2016

ELMORE Skin Whitening Body Lotion - Get rid of Summer Tan

I am not in the favor of fairness creams or skin whitening products who boast about achieving a complexion which is unreal and not even close to your original skin tone. However, not all fairness or skin whitening products promote that. Fairness/Skin whitening creams and lotions definitely come in handy when you want to get rid of the stubborn summer tan (at times even winter tan is a bitch!) or achieve a clear skin. I tested ELMORE Skin Whitening body lotion all summer to make sure the tan stays away. Was it worth it?

I have reviewed *ELMORE products before as well (you can review them HERE). Elmore beauty is a very affordable skin care brand available in Pakistan and I prefer using it for mainly body creams as well as pre-makeup removing cleanser when I have really heavy makeup on.


ELMORE is not a local brand. It is actually an international skincare brand which has been there since 1988 under the trademark of “ELMORE”, Evan & Mayer Inc. USA. The brand has been developing and marketing a growing range of quality skincare products ever since.The skincare brand is quite active in the Middle East & North Africa, with presence in multiple other countries of the world.

Do note that even though these are made in USA they undergo a lot of research and development without animal testing and is also certified as Halal Product. Other than eco-friendly practices, they also strive to employ bio-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients, focusing on the benefits and goodness that natural ingredients offer.

The BRAND Claims:
"Elmore Skin Whitening Body Lotion is a multi vitamin based skin lightening formula which nourishes and lightens the complexion"

- The products contain Vitamin E and Milk extracts which not only softens and moisturizes the skin but naturally leads to it's clarification and better elasticity

- The packaging is very simple and basic. Nothing fancy (consider the price)

- Certified Halal (or All Organic) which means no animal ingredient is used in the products

- The skin is nourished with vitamins and anti- oxidants which naturally promote a naturally even toned and fair complexion

- Light, non-greasy formula which absorbs well into your skin

- For all skin types

- Strong, sweet smell  which is very pleasant

- I dont know about pigmentation but it did make a difference in protecting me from sun damage and tanning

- Super affordable while being great in quality and quantity. Approx PKR 275

Easily available in all major Superstores (as well as many smaller stores) all across Pakistan. You can also get Elmore Fairness Creams for your face with the same attributes.

For more details you can check their FACEBOOK.

*DISCLOSURE: This is a Sponsored Post. However all my Reviews are honest and I only write about products / brands that I personally believe are good as I am true to my readers


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