RedAliceRao is an ardent blog about Beauty and Makeup with selective lifestyle. 

This eclectic blog was started by Maliha Rao (aka RedAlice) to share her obsessions and experiences.

Maliha is a Makeup Artist / Communication Designer / Photographer who is also a big foodie. She is super curious, eccentric and despises the mundane. This eccentric personality leads to the diversity of the content in this blog. She is good at many things (A Virgo trait!) and has an assortment of interests. She believes we can achieve the impossible with lipstick and butter.

Bask in beauty, indulge in makeup, or just dive into random, delightful tales of her experiences, the blog has a lot to offer so pick what you enjoy best!

Fun Facts about Maliha Rao:

  • A lipstick Queen
  • Obsessed with the color RED
  • A balance of realistic and dreamer
  • Alice in Wonderland is a reference for almost everything for her
  • Gastronome to the t
  • Splendid Cook
  • Wannabe Traveler 
  • Otaku